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The Movement
“I want to join!”
Contact: Nikki Smith

The Movement advantage:
The Movement will teach you to survive and thrive in competitive environments. Competitive dance offers us the perfect opportunity to become successful in life skills that serve us long after we finish with the world of competitive dance.

Preparation: Success is nine tenths preparation.
A professional standard is The Movement standard, in class, in rehearsal, and on stage!
We attend top level competitions and conventions, and provide quality theatrical opportunities.
Technique: Team members will have the opportunity to work with professional choreographers and teachers. Members will receive priority placement in Master Classes and preference in private scheduling. Members will also be provided the opportunity to
train and compete in categories of partnering, solo, duet, and trios.
Alliances: Team Members will learn more than how to make friends and develop social skills. They will learn how to create productive and healthy relationships.
This is one of our highest priorities.

Auditions: Dancers wishing to become members of a The Movement competition team
should speak to Nikole Smith, after attending:

Monday, 5:00-6:30pm – Jazz Technique [Level 2] – Nikole Smith
Monday, 6:30-7:30pm – Jazz Basics – Nikole Smith
Friday, 3:30-4:30pm – Jazz Technique [Level 1] – Nikole Smith

(1) Prior to class, download and fill out the enrollment form, and deliver the form to Nikole at the beginning of class. (applications are accepted year round)
(2) After class, Nikole will tell you how to proceed toward becoming a team member.

Team Policies: Team members are required to:
(1) To act as a positive example in class, rehearsals, performances, and dance related events.
(2) To give top priority to The Movement and Dance West classes, rehearsals, and performances over other dance schools.

Classical and Contemporary Tracks
The goal of The Movement Dance Team is to develop dancers that are equally proficient in both classical and contemporary styles of dance. A customized curriculum will be provided for each individual Team Member.

Team costs
(1) Monthly Technique Class Requirements and levels will be determined by staff evaluation, and the appropriate monthly tuition paid to Dance West.
(2) A monthly Team Fee of $35 (Team Mini and Team Teen) $45 (Top Team)
(3) Potential estimated costs:

Costume Fee, per costume: $75 to 125
Competition Fee, per event: $35 to 45
Convention Fee, per event: $85 to 250

Dear Parents
We are very excited that your child is considering auditioning to be a member of The Movement. They will make new friends and enjoy learning how to become successful and thrive in competitive environments.

Teaching a child to feel confident in competitive situations requires a team effort between teacher, parent and child. If any member of that team is looking for ways to cut corners or doing whats only convenient to them, the result is a foregone conclusion.

We have a history of success and we want to share that knowledge with your family.