The Metropolitan Ballet Co.

Picture of Company PerformanceThe Metropolitan Ballet Company is recruiting new members, Summer 2011. Auditioning actors and dancers, age 21+, all levels of ability welcome. Possible travel to Europe 2012.

Established in 1991, the Metropolitan Ballet Company’s goal is to play a crucial role in the cultural and educational life of its community.

Embracing diversity, the company performs modern and contemporary works as well as classical. Dancers of all ages, sizes, and ethnicity are welcome.

Strong character development and compelling story elements typify company performances. Classical repertoire includes: Midsummer’s Night Dream, Romeo and Juliette, Petruska, and the Nutcracker.

Mission Statement: to educate and culturally enrich the surrounding community through the use of classical artistic methodology and public performances.

Specific Awards and Honors Received:

  • 1st Place Choreography/1st Place “Classical”– Grand Prix Italia 2007.
  • The Coerbus Award/1st Place “Modern”– Grand Prix Italia 2005.
  • 1st Place  “Choreography” – Barca Dance Festival 2004, Spain.
  • The Organizer’s Award/Grand Prize” – Grand Prix Italia 2002.
  • 1st Place “Classical Ballet” – Grand Prix Italia 2001.
  • 2nd Place “Modern Technique” – Prague 2000, Czech Republic.
  • Disneyland Community Service Awards – 2000 and 1999.
  • Guest Performance – “Imagination Celebration”, O.C. Performing Arts Center.
  • Guest Performance – California Choreographic Dance Festival.
  • Guest Performance – “Concerts For Young People”, L.B. Performing Arts Center.